Influence of Voting Convenience, Poll Point-spread, and Age on Reported Voting Behavior

Rebecca Dryden and Dr. Lauren Scharff
Stephen F. Austin State University


This paper has been published in the PsiChi Journal of Undergraduate Research.


We investigated the influence of voting convenience, the point spread of polls and age group on likelihood to vote. Unlike previous studies, we created two sub-groups for those less than 30 years old. Using scenarios, East Texas participants (N = 158, aged 18-79) were surveyed prior to the November 2004 presidential election. The smallest point spread and greater ease of convenience significantly increased reported likelihood to vote. Participants aged 18-22 wereas likely to vote as older participants, while those aged 23-29 were least likely to vote. Our results should be used to caution the media about polling and broadcasting early results. Voting advocacy efforts should begin to target 23-29 year olds rather than primarily focusing on those aged 18-22.


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