A New Test of Music Mood Induction and Mood Congruent Memory

Phuong T. Nguyen and Lauren F. V. Scharff

Stephen F. Austin State University

(This work was presented at Psychonomics 2003.)

Abstract: The purpose of Experiment 1 was to create a new music mood induction technique (testing all combinations of Happy, Sad, and No Music and Lyrics) , and determine effectiveness over three time periods. No Happy induction conditions increased positive affect. Sad lyrics decreased Positive Affect, and they showed a trend to increase Negative Affect, with the Sad Music/Sad Lyric condition being most successful over the three times periods. Experiment 2 determined how induced mood influenced the recognition of valenced trait words. Recognition was best for participants who were not presented any mood induction stimuli, possibly due to reduced interference. Mood congruent memory was seen for the Sad but not the Happy induction group. Limitations of mood induction are discussed.


Handout distributed at Psychonomics.

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