Meeting Summary February16th

Members of the committee introduced themselves and Bob Szafran(chair) shared the directions to thecommittee from the Vice-President for Academic Affairs (Dr.Ashley). He then outlined the general approach that the committeewould take: become familiar with SFA's backround regarding admissionstandards, review the consultant's report, gather information fromother faculty, write a summary report to give to Dr. Ashley. Asubcommittee (Alexander, Rust, Scharff) was assigned to strategizeabout how to best communicate with other faculty and receive theirinput.

Areas in which the committeeshould become knowledgeable:

a. Current SFA admissions requirements

b. Current SFA student academic credentials

c. History of SFA's admissions standards

d. History of beginning first-year student academiccredentials

e. Recent recommendations regarding admissions requirementsfrom SFA groups (for example, '03 Report, SFA '98, RetentionCommittee, Faculty Senate, SGA)

f. Admissions criteria of other institutions

g. State guidelines on admissions requirements

h. Best predictors of academic success among SFA students

i. Case studies of other institutions that raisedadmissions requirements

j. Review of SFA's last attempt at changing admissionsrequirements

k. High school requirements vis-a-vis admissions changes

l. Other necessaryinformation???

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