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Vision / Hearing
Perceptual Demonstrations
Web Design/ Ppt / Human Factors
Biology Stuff
Writing / Experiments / Giving Presentations
Graduate School Info for Students
Miscellaneous Topics Related to Psychology

Vision / Hearing

Online book: The Joy of Visual Perception by Peter Kaiser

Webvision (an amazing online resource for retinal anatomy and physiology)

The Computer Vision Homepage (Carnegie Mellon)

The NASA-Ames Vision Group

Useful Numbers in Vision Science compiled by Brian Wandell

Retina Reference and other Misc. Vision Information compiled by Lance Hahn

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

Prevent Blindness America

Optics.org -- Photonics Resources for Scientists and Engineers

Optics Express -- the International Online Journal of Optics

Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Learn about Color Vision and the colors animals perceive

Color Deficient Vision (contains links to online color vision tests)

The Acoustical Society of America

Vision for Learning - The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)

Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Chart

Online Snellen Acuity Chart

Sound Localization (explanation and sound clip demos)

Vestibular System (walkthrough / good explanation)

(Also, see below for links to sites discussing color blindness and webdesign.)

Perception Demos

Visual Illustrations and Demonstrations gathered by John Krantz

Visual Demonstrations from Dan Kersten's Lab

Depth Illusions (by Donald E. Simanek)

Biological Motion (interactive point-light walker from the Biomotion Lab, Queen's University)

Biological Motion Examples -- "normal", scrambled, nonhuman examples (Randolf Blake's Lab)

Online Exibits at the Exploratorium 

Japanese Art Optical Illusions

Infant Vision - What does the world look like to babies?

Change Blindness examples (Dr. Dan Simons)

Interactive Colorblindness examples (great!)

94 Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena (maintained by Michael Bach, University of Freiberg, Germany)

Color Constancy and other fun demos (Biological Physiological Engineering Laboratory)

 "Stepping Feet" Motion Illusion demo

Auditory Illusion: Deutsch's 'Sometimes Behave So Strangely'

Auditory Illusions: "What's on Musical Illusions and Paradoxes"

Reverse Speech examples

Backward Songs messages

5 Great Auditory Illusions (includes the Virtual Haircut)

Fun Visual Tricks and Optical Illusions

Web Design / Human Factors

Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles

Design Evaluation: see what your page looks like to the color blind

Vischeck: an online color blindness simulator

Color Vision Wheel and Color Blindness Simulator for Text / Background Colors

PowerPoint Tips (will download a ppt file)

Examples of Poorly Designed Ppt [Example 1, Example 2]


Biology / Neuroscience Stuff

The Secret Life of the Brain: History timeline, Scanning the brain, Life Episodes (baby - old age)


Neuroscience for Kids -- lots of Demos!

Division of Psychiatric Neuro Imaging at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Imaging Techniques (PET and fMRI -- shows brain activity for different sensory processes)

fMRI Laboratory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The National Library of Medicine

Marching Through the Visible Woman

The Multi-dimensional Human Embryo

US Dept of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University

The National Institute on Aging

 Figures and Animations of neural communication: Action Potentials, and Synaptic Transmission

Neurons, Synapses, Action Potentials, and Neurotransmission

Neuroscience for Kids - Explore the Nervous System


APA:  Division II Teaching Resources Site

Writing / Experiments / Giving Presentations

Psychology Experiments on the Internet

Writing the Empirical Journal Article (html version) (pdf version) by Daryl Bem

Citing Online Sources

The Basics of APA Style: APA tutorials

What is plagiarism?

Graduate School / Info for Graduate Students

U.S. Psychology Ph.D. Programs


Miscellaneous Topics Related to Psychology

Links to Personality Surveys

American Psychologial Society webpage

Memory: Neural network information and memory tests

Classics in the History of Psychology resource compiled by Christopher Green

NASA Cognition Lab

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