Committee Directive and Membership

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Communication and Career Preparation Mastery Committees

Masteries Committees

Communication Mastery Committee
Career Preparation Mastery Committee

Wanda Mouton (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Norjuan Austin (Liberal Arts)

Debbie DuFrene (Business)

Leisha Bridwell (Education)

Amy George (Fine Arts)

Theresa Cobel (Forestry) *

Pat Sharp (Science and Math)

Tina Oswald (Library) *


Kathleen Belanger (Applied Arts and Sciences)

Marc Guidry (Liberal Arts) *

Mark Turner (Business)

Jan Lucina (Education)

Jeff Schultz (Fine Arts)

Mike Fountain (Forestry)

Norm Markworth (Science and Math)

Sherri Mullican (Career Services) *

Kierah Weber (Student)

* denotes co-chairs of each committee

Here are the committee's proposed definitions for each mastery (draft April 2005).

The masteries committees have representatives from each college, plus a staff member or librarian, and a student. Further, each committee has one liason member that is also a member of the Distinctive Identity Implementation committee. These masteries committees will coordinate the development of the university criteria for their mastery. The development process will involve every college and, ultimately, every department. If you have questions or comments about the committee's work, please contact one of the committee members.


Last updated: December 13, 2004