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SFASU Future Distinctive Identity

In the next few years we will further enhance our distinctive identity by focusing our attention on the masteries with which SFASU grads will leave college. SFASU has committed to giving our graduates masteries in the areas of: communication, creative problem solving, career preparation, and civic engagement. Combined with a broad-based general education, we believe this skill set is a package that students, employers, and the general public will value. Few universities hold or promote a clear vision of the skills they want to give to their students. It involves viewing the curriculum as not just a series of course requirements to be met but also as a comprehensive series of advanced skills to be mastered. By adopting this perspective, SFASU will not only clearly distinguish itself from other schools in the region but also add to the academic achievement of its students.

Why Masteries?

Below is a short summary of the currently-planned masteries. For a more complete version, go to the Distinctive Identity Task Force report (also found within the Strategic Plan Information).

1. Communication
SFASU will provide our graduates with the ability to communicate effectively and professionally, using written, oral, and artistic means, as well as current technology.

2. Creative Problem-solving
SFASU will equip our students to become independent thinkers armed with the skills needed to confront the challenges of a changing world.

3. Career preparation
SFASU will give our students learning opportunities and mentorship to gain the necessary knowledge to guide them toward professional success.

4. Civic engagement
Through work in and outside of the classroom, SFASU will teach our students the skills and values needed to serve fully as citizens of the state, nation and world.

5. Broad-based university education
SFASU will give its graduates a breadth of knowledge that will help them to continue to grow intellectually throughout their lives and fully participate the social, scientific, and artistic communities around them.

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