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The Distinctive Identity Implementation Committee's activities have been guided by the Strategic Plan 08 Distinctive Identity Initiatives F, G, and H (at www.cob.sfasu.edu/upc/plan08.html) and the accompanying Action Steps (at www.cob.sfasu.edu/upc/plan_imple.htm).

Overall, our activities fall into a few broad categories:

Benchmarking for Action Steps under our initiative

Research on Masteries at Other Universities and Assessment Strategies

Communication about Masteries Approach at SFASU and our efforts to get feedback from campus constituents

Formation of a Committee and the Creation of the SFA Lecture Series

Formation of Mastery Committees for Communications and Career Preparation

Here are PDF files of the masteries overview, framework, and final report.

Timeline for DI Implementation

Spring Semester 2004:

  • Benchmarking efforts for action steps under Distinctive Identity Implementation Initiative
  • Begin research on other universities that are using a masteries or competencies approach
  • Form subcommittee to develop the SFA Lecture Series
  • Begin developing framework and guidelines for the implementation of masteries at SFA
  • Begin development of the Distinctive Identity Implementation web site.

Summer 2004:

  • Continue work on web site -- go live in August.
  • Continue benchmarking efforts for several action steps.

Fall 2004:

  • Meet with president and provost, Faculty Senate, Chairs Forum, Deans, and the Academic Affairs subcommittee of the Board of Regents.
  • Form two committees for the masteries of communication and career preparation.
  • Bring in Milton Hakel as an external speaker to further educate university community about masteries approach. [Dr. Milton Hakel biography (PDF file) and Article on Masteries "What We Must Learn from Alverno" by Milton Hakel (PDF file)]
  • Continue work on web site
  • Continue benchmarking efforts for several action steps.

Spring 2005:

  • The Distinctive Identity Implementation Committee and both Masteries Committee will work with the deans, chairs and departments to develop the university-wide criteria for the Communication and Career-Preparation Masteries, and to establish the framework and definitions that will be used for the masteries approach. These will be presented to the provost and president for approval.

Fall 2005 and Spring 2006:

  • Pilot Departments for the first two masteries.
  • Form one or two more subcommittees to begin work on additional masteries.
  • Establish a Masteries Office with a Director of assessment.


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