Example ReflectionPapers


Sample Reflection paper -- Prior toservice-learning event:

Later this month (April 24th) we will be going to TJR on Wednesdayduring lab to share some of what you've learned with a group ofseventh-grade students. Obviously, we will have to "water-down" someof our discussion, but we have much to share about many aspects ofperception that affect all of us in our daily lives.

What I would like you to do for this reflection paper is thefollowing. First, summarize two things that you have learned so farthis semester that have "stuck in your mind" or affected you in someway. Tell why as well as simply telling what.

Second, tell me three demonstrations that you think we shoulddefinitely share with the seventh graders, and why. Remember thateach demonstration that we bring needs to be explained (this is aservice-learning project, not just a fun field trip -- although Ihope it's fun too!).

Finally, relate something you've learned so far in class tosomething outside of class (e.g. something you've heard in the news,something from a TV show or movie, something you've read). Be fairlyspecific about how the material relate.


Sample Reflection paper -- Followingservice-learning event:

Part I: Reflect on the TJR visit:

What were your thoughts about the visits right before we went? What about after we went?

Did you feel that you were prepared? How did you feel about yourpresentation and your handout? Do you think that by putting togetheryour presentation/handout and by doing the demonstrations that youlearned the material better?

Part II:

Would you recommend that future classes do similar field trips --why or why not?

What other groups that you would recommend that my seniorperception class interact with in the future? Why?

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