The following summarizes what an honors student must do in orderto receive honors credit for a non-honors course.

Honors Assignment

Service learning has been defined as "the process of integratingvolunteer community service combined with active guided reflectioninto the curriculum to enhance and enrich student learning ofmaterial" (David Johnson, Miami-Dade C.C.).

Your assignment: perform two small service-learning projects. Forthese projects, you will take something that you have learned inclass (lecture, text, or other readings) and share it in somemeaningful manner with persons outside of class. Prior to actuallyperforming the project, you will write a short, typed proposal andhave it approved by me. As part of this approval process, you willmeet with me so that we may discuss what you plan to do. Followingthe project, you will bring me some documentation (e.g. signatures ofparticipants), and write a one-to-two-page, typed reflection paperabout the experience.

For the reflection paper, you should answer the followingquestions:

1. What were your thoughts and goals going into this project?

2. What were your thoughts and reactions as you performed theproject?

3. What seemed to be the reactions of the participants?

4. Now that you're finished, what are your thoughts? What workedwell? What should be modified if someone were to do this again, andwhy? How would you modify it?

5. Relate something you learned while performing this project tosomething else you've learned through class.


Each of the two projects will be worth 30 points. You will receive10 points for the proposal, 5 points for the documentation, and 15points for the reflection paper. The proposal and the paper will begraded on content as well as writing and grammar. (See syllabus forpoint deductions.) If you do these projects, your course grade willbe based on 660 points, rather than 600 points. Thus, they can make aletter grade difference in your final grade.

If you sign the honors contract and do not do the projects, youwill receive a zero for those course requirements.

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