Individual Research Project Summaries

Psychology 497 Spring 2006

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Each of the students enrolled in this course completed anindependent research project and presented it at the departmentalposter session in May, 2006. You may view their Powerpoint formattedposter presentation by clicking the title of the project.

Note: these are all ,pdf files.

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Melanie Battise

Perceptions about the Social & Academic Success of the Non-Traditional Student

Jessica Baumgartner

Salary versus Benefits Packages: Which is More Appealing?

Jessica Burns

Does Having Children Influence Societal Values and Attributions Based on Gender?

Ryan Campbell

Gender Differences in Susceptibility to Stress

Cheryl Dudik

Effects of Font Size and Paper Color on Resume Review Decisions

Cynthia Gamble

How Personality and Interventions Affect Driver Aggression

Shana Hatnot

Effects of Weight, Lifestyle, and Gender on Attractiveness, Healthiness, and Friendliness

James Johnson

Conformity and humor: Group effects on laughter

Ashley Knight

The Influence of Media Exposure and Experimenter Effects on Female Body Image Dissatisfaction

Sarah Kolafa

Do Parenting Styles Affect Self-Esteem?

Jennifer McGinty

Teacher Humor Orientation as a Determiner of Attendance

Mackinzie Meyer

Does Appearance-Based Exercise Advertising Affect Exercise Attitudes and Body Dissatisfaction?

Lauren Nicholson

The Effects of Procrastination and Self-Awareness on Emotional Self-Regulation

Christina Potts

Effects of Tattoo Presence and Race on Approach Behavior

Craig Rice

Stress and Task Difficulty's Effect on Math Test Scores

Sarah Rossmiller

Attitudes about Parenting Styles of Heterosexual vs. Homosexual Couples

Milad Shamshiri

Students' Perceived Stress and Social Support

Sarah Shimek

Influence of Source and Reason on Likelihood of Dietary Behavior

Amanda Sims

Job Characteristics and Role Stress: Mental Health in the Workplace