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Below are links to courses I taught at
Stephen F. Austin State University
1993 - 2008

Courses at US Air Force Academy include:
Introduction to Behavioral Sciences
Sensation and Perception
Independent Research
First-Year Experience

Freshman Seminar (SFA 101) 

General Psychology (PSY 133)

Research Methods (PSY 300)

Experimental Psychology (PSY 341/341L)

Biopsychology (PSY 350)

Survey of Psychology: Perception (PSY 320) 

Psychology of Perception (PSY 440/440L) (no longer offered)

Research Seminar (PSY 497)

Graduate Perception (PSY 506)

Graduate Teaching Seminar (PSY 525) 

Independent Studies and Theses (PSY 475, 476, 575, 589, 590)

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