Spring 1998 Project

Applied Perception and ServiceLearning

Understanding Perception canImprove Quality of Life and Interactions withOthers

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Project members 1998:

(Back row): Joseph Heggins, Erik Steen, John Angell, Julie Terry,Amy Wilkerson (grad. assistant), (Front row): Dr. Lauren Scharff,Glenda Demaree, Toni Ray, Shannon Crouch, Nicole Cook, Mandy Taylor,Jennifer Ewing

Some Examples of Applied Research in Perception

There is a need for pure and applied perception research. Bybetter understanding how a perceptual system normally works we canbetter understand perceptual disorders and design environments forall individuals. Below are some topics which summarize differentareas of applied perception research.

Service-Learning Project 1998

In order to share some of what we learn this semester, we will goto TJR Middle School and interact with seventh graders in Mrs. LeahKahn's science class. Here we will give brief presentations anddemonstrations, some of which will simulate the perceptual lossesoften seen in aging percptual systems. Click here for a summary ofthis 1998 service-learning visit.

Applied Project 1998

Finally, we designed and ran an applied experiment whichempirically tested factors which affect readability of webpages andother graphical user interfaces. Click here for the experimental paper.

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