TJR visit, Spring 2000

Sharing what we have learnedabout perception and perceptual aging:

Mrs. Kahn

Thank you for having us!


Melanie shows Colin, Tiffany,

and Kevin the motion aftereffect


Jeremy works with Jacob as he views the world with goggles that shift his perception of the world.

Dyton explores the classroom while wearing goggles that turn the visual world upsidedown.

Emily and Lennin watch as a classmate experiences reduced touch sensation.

Ashley works with Perla, Kyla, and Zach as they explore color perception and experience what it is like to have very old eyes in which the variables lenses have yellowed.

Brian works with Favio, Earl, and Dyton in a demonstration of recognizing objects by touch and how that is affected by the loss of touch sensation.

Ashley shares some of the top-down and bottom-up ambiguous figures we used in our experiment.

Melanie demonstrates a card illusion which shows how monocular depth cues influence our perception.

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