McMichael Middle School Visit: Fall 2004

Sharing what we have learned about perception and perceptualaging: The following pictures illustrate a few of the hands-onactivities in which the students engaged. Prior to the activites,each SFA student gave a very brief presentation about a topic inperception (see class webpage forlinks to their handouts).

Alicia Hardy (on right) and Melissa Nissen (on left) demonstrate the Pulfrich effect.
Lauren Cerione explains the stereoscope.
Jennifer Alexander explains some visual illusions.
Rebecca Hulgan explains a color matching experiment using a yellow transparency to simluate the aging of the variable lens.
Meagan Carswell shows visual illusions and demonstrates what the world looks like through inverting prism goggles.
Brandon Dickerson has participants recognize objects using the sense of touch.
Reshaunda Strickland is giving a touch recognition demonstration. The gloves simulate the reduction in sensitivity that occurs with aging.
Suzanne Draper explain a red-green stereogram.
Melissa Nissen explains a monocular depth illusion using playing cards.
Shawna Lee helps the students experience what it would be like with tunnel vision as experienced by those with severe glaucoma.
Mrs. Kahn and Dr. Scharff

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