TJR visit: Fall2003

Sharing what we have learned aboutperception and perceptual aging: The following pictures illustrate afew of the hands-on activities in which the students engaged. Priorto the activites, each SFA student gave a very brief powerpointpresentation about their research on various topics in appliedperception (see class webpage for links to their papers). They alsomade handouts on their topic for each of the TJRstudents.

Mrs. Kahn and Ms. Gallant check out their depth perception.

Thank you for having us!

Sarah works with Lanie and Alix on a touch demonstration and aging sensitization exercise.  

John talks to Dalton about brain plasticity while Dalton looks at the world through upside-down goggles.

Sophia tells Nicole and Hannah about depth perception while Nicole views 3-D images using a view-master.

Ugochi explains color vision basics to Audrey and Michelle. The yellow transparencies mimic aging changes in the elderly eye.

Taylore teaches Courtney about eyes diseases, and Courtney experiences what it would be like to have reduced vision due to glaucoma.

Jeff and Molly work with Emily to teach about eye diseases.

Todd explains some motion illusions to Jacob and Garrett.

Elizabeth swings a pendulum and explains the Pulfrich illusion to Tim and William.

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