TJR visit, Spring2002

Sharing what we have learned aboutperception and perceptual aging:

Mrs. Kahn

Thank you for having us!

Jana demonstrates a card illusion which shows Tyler how monocular depth cues influence our perception.  

Amber works with Alyssa and Cassie as they view the world with goggles that shift their perception of the world (glaucoma and retinal detachment).

Emily shows Megan a sheep's brain.

LaSasha and Britney work with Kristen on a color-matching exercise, and experience the world through "aged" eyes by looking through a yellow transparency.

Megan works with Clay and Casey on the color-matching exercise.

Jim explains the yellowed-lens demonstration to Jimbo.

Candace explains the blindspot demonstration to Jackie and Erica.

Todd explains binocular depth perception to Ty and Brent.

Sarah shows Cassie and Jerica a rat brain

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