Field Trip to

Thomas J. Rusk Middle School

The field trip to Thomas J. Rusk Middle School required two days of data collection. The trips took place on Monday, April 14th and Wednesday, April 16th. On Monday, we arrived at 11:00 a.m., and we began with four short presentations. MelissaYoungman was the first presenter, and she discussed why we study perception.She was followed by Sara Borak who explained the ways in which we study physiology and Lynae Carr who explained how we study psychophysics. Finally, Aaron Aiza gave a quick lesson in sensory transduction. On Wednesday, the first presenter was Anna Martin whoexplained why we study different age groups. Sydne then told the 8th graders about infantvision, and what an infant can and cannot see. The last presentation was given by EllaBrowser who discussed the different sensitization exercises.

Shannon Hightower explains peripheral vision to Artis Teal & Tabetha Steffek, while Artis uses the vision disk.

Coby Smith tests his ability to see stereo-dot pictures, while Chris Staudt is matching yarnusing the yellow lense. The yellow lense mimics the effects of yellowing of the eyes due to age.

Aaron Aiza helps Stephanie Teal & Holly Griffith as they participate in the sniff task.

Sara Borek collects data as Tony Booker matches yarn to test his color vision.

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