Service Learning Project -- Spring 1997

The Lifespan of Perceptual Development

Knowledge can Foster Appreciation and Understanding

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Project Description 1997

Back (L to R): Tisha Reid (grad. assistent), Shandra Session, Melissa Youngman, Sydne Steinberg, Lynae Carr, Shannon Street, Brenda Albertson, Kelly Taylor, Shannon Vanbuskirk, Front: Dr. Lauren Scharff, Ella Bowser, Anna Martin, Shannon Hightower,Aaron Aiza, Sara Borek, Shelly Kruk, & Alyson Hill (Service-Learning team leader).

In order to appreciate perceptual changes and to share with others what has been learned, the class went on three field trips.

Field Trips:

  • Field Trip to The Arbor to interact with the elderly (April 2nd).

  • Field Trip to Thomas J. Rusk Middle School to interact with the 8th graders in Mrs. Kahn's Science Class (April 14th and 16th).

  • Field Trip to The Arbor to interact with the staff on April 23rd.
  • End of Semester Summary of data and project: an experimental paper write-up.

    Perceptual Changes: Although there are many differences across individuals, aging is strongly correlated with many perceptual changes. Some of these are considered "natural aging" effects, while others are more clearly due to disease.

    More information

    is available on the following specific topics:
      Presbyopia			 Glaucoma  Retinitis Pigmentosa		 Macular Degeneration  Diabetic Retinopathy		 Retinal Detachments  Cataracts			 Presbycusis  Otosclerosis			 Tinnitus  Touch				 Taste  Smell 	

    Some Service-Learning References

    For some general information on Service Learning and the projects
    at Stephen F. Austin State University: The Center for Service-Learning and Eldercare

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